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We are committed to building the industry leaders of tomorrow, today. With over 30 years of expertise spanning across construction, building supply, retail operations, wholesale distribution, kitchen and plumbing, and general contracting, we know what your business needs to succeed. Using innovative technology, we develop data-driven strategies that promote scalability, giving brick and mortar businesses the vital tools they need to transform and thrive in a digital age.

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30 years ago, many small and medium businesses were still using paper invoicing and recording systems. The handling of paper files at the enterprise level presented storage issues, security risks and was counterproductive. Searching for documents was highly time-consuming, accounting for up to 20% of an employee’s time. While seemingly trivial, that 20% of productivity could potentially add up to tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

While some companies had adopted ERP, most of them were limiting the use of the software for their day-to-day operations. Guy Moreau, a CA by profession, recognized an opportunity for companies to use their ERP data to streamline financial processes and maximize profitability. By optimizing financial processes through a combination of strategic business intelligence, maximizing ERP, electronic document workflow and consolidating payment procedures, Guy and the team helped companies increase operational performance so business owners could focus on growth and driving profits

With their combined financial background and expertise within the building supply industry, the team acted as on-call CFOs, mitigating financial risk and ensuring optimal liquidity, monetary flow, and reports met all regulatory criteria to get the green light from financial institutions. The process proved itself successful time and time again and laid the groundwork for Guy to found OMNI — A powerful ERP with supplementary business management services, including consulting, financial auditing, and technical support.

OMNI gained traction and soon became a household name within the industry. After its acquisition by Bell Media, the OMNI light dimmed along with the original vision of its founding members. Early adopters of OMNI felt a need for a more robust ERP. This push motivated Guy and his team, and like its namesake, Phoenix rose from the ashes, to fulfill that need, as a full-suite solution to elevate companies to higher levels.

We are a Canadian company with a professional network across the globe. We focus on maximizing the capabilities of your ERP through the Phoenix Ecosystem. From Phoenix Spectra, our robust digital toolset, to VCFO and Phoenix Agentia marketing experts, we lay the groundwork for traditional brick and mortar retail models to seamlessly transition into the eCommerce space.

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