Our Mission

Phoenix Group is an industry specific, bilingual, consulting and technology based solutions provider specializing in the optimization of small and medium sized companies.
Our team utilizes over 30 years of experience in the accounting, financial management, business mentoring, technology design, software implementation and support service fields to deliver proven strategies that ensure our clients success in today’s dynamic business environment.
Above all, our objective is to maximize profits, streamline efficiencies and optimize performance without sacrificing the core values which define a company’s identity.
Our mission is your vision.

Company Overview

Founded by the original 6 partners of OMNI Business Solutions, Phoenix Group was established in 2006 with a revitalized focus tailored towards providing not only the tools that help businesses streamline their operations and maximize profits but more importantly the understanding of how they are effectively used at an operational and managerial level.
The professional business acumen and industry specific experience of our staff is one of our greatest assets. The knowledgeable partners and associates of Phoenix Group represent top-level talent in their respective fields and use this expertise to approach your complex business situations in an intuitive and calculated manner. With certified C.A, C.M.A, C.P.A, industry and technical experts on staff, you can rest assured that your business is in trusted hands.
In addition to our practical experience Phoenix Group offers the technological tools that further enable effective business optimization and sustainability. Our proprietary Enterprise Resource Planning system and analytical software, along with third party systems ensures that your business’ valuable information is meticulously organized in a logical way and readily available to assist with informed planning and decision making.
Undoubtedly profits are an integral component in building a strong business however Phoenix Group recognizes that they are not always synonymous with success. Whether your goals be driven by maximized earning potential, devout customer service, perpetual growth or a healthy balance of these plus more, Phoenix Group is the right team to make your vision a reality.

Delivery Approach

In order to successfully carry out your company’s growth, sustainability and profitability objectives, Phoenix Group will analyze and provide you with a solid plan and robust solutions. Then, Phoenix Group will manage the implementation, application and follow-up of your financial strategy.
Through the utilization of industry leading analytical software, Phoenix Group will evaluate your financial performance and isolate areas within your business which may be susceptible to profit loss and inefficiency.
With this information, along with a hands-on operational diagnostic, we are able to benchmark your company against industry standards and provide best business practices to ensure your core competencies and competitive advantages are exploited to their fullest potential while mitigating any risk you may face.
Our Management Consulting and CFO Services not only provide valuable insight into your business, market and industry but also deliver sound and sustainable solutions for managing your assets, liabilities and finances.
Lastly, Phoenix Group can suggest, implement and customize a powerful ERP system to fully integrate every facet of your business. These end-to-end, industry specific systems ensure your valuable resources are always accounted for and utilized as intended. Furthermore, the customizable nature of these platforms facilitates our ability to set industry leading financial and operational controls specific to achieving your everyday business requirements.
With the turn-key business solution Phoenix Group offers, we are able to deliver an unparalleled service that optimizes performance through providing the guidance, tools and training necessary to unlock full potential.image001

Industries We Serve

Phoenix Group currently serves a diversified customer base across Canada and the United States. These customers primarily fall into the Hardware and Building Material, Plumbing and Distribution industries along with a growing presence in the Garden Center industry.
Although the scope of Phoenix’s presence currently falls within these sectors, our wide breadth of knowledge and experience, along with versatile and customizable software platforms offers the flexibility to provide our turn-key service across all commodity, retail, wholesale, and distribution industries.

Our Clients Include: