Streamlines Business For Optimum Profits

Your business processes are an integral component in determining the profits, efficiencies and sustainably yielded by your business. Over time these processes may deviate from their optimal nature due to both internal and external factors. Phoenix Group’s experienced team of financial and managerial consultants will provide a comprehensive, step-by-step, breakdown of these important processes and analyze the positive and negative contributions they have on the efficiency of your business. With this analytical data in-hand Phoenix is able to assess current and potential risk as well as develop best business practices and key performance indicators that can be implemented to optimize all processes utilized by your business.

Performance Engineering

Phoenix Group’s performance engineering processes commences with an in-depth look into how your key business metrics are managed and maintained. Elements such as Gross Margin Management, Inventory ROI, Open-To-Buy Planning, Customer Satisfaction and Credit Management, amongst others, are assessed from an analytical perspective with our analytical software tools and sequentially broken down to their most simplified forms. Through this reverse engineering process our consultants are able to develop an understanding of the logic behind your current approach to performance management. With this information, in conjunction with tried and proven best business practices, Phoenix Group will formulate calculated agendas that will ensure your fundamental business components are restructured in the most intuitive, lean and efficient manner. Once these agendas are established, Phoenix Group is able to set strict and customizable controls through any of our various ERP software platforms allowing for streamlined optimization and longevity.


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