Leadership Solutions for Your Business


All management teams face unique challenges in their business environment as they strive to fulfill the vision of building a great company. Some common elements that have been identified as critical in attaining strong financial success are:
– Profit and revenue maximization
– Cash flow optimization
– Financial position and controls management
– Streamlined reporting practices
– Resource optimization

Starting with these foundational benchmarks, Phoenix Group’s CFO professionals employ best business practices to establish a customized directive that aims to ensure optimized financial performance and maximized return on investment. Furthermore, Phoenix Group’s proven leadership and intimate involvement in accounting and financial practices drastically minimize CEO/Owner Operator focus on financial risk through assurance that the full scope of their operation is in trusted and experienced hands.

Phoenix Group’s CFO Service approach consists of the following phases:

Business Evaluation

The key to unlocking your business’ full financial potential lies in understanding how your valuable resources are utilized and if there is room to exploit further contributions to your bottom line. Phoenix Group will develop financial models using key metrics from your business statistics to assist in the evaluation of overall performance relating to your employees, sales staff, inventory management, customer service and more.

Business Forecasting

In today’s dynamic business environment change is inevitable. Unfortunately any alterations to your business strategy, financial models or competitive landscape, unanticipated or not, come with some associated risk. Through the use of proprietary forecasting models Phoenix Group’s CFO Service will provide the necessary tools to execute a number of “what if” scenarios which allow you to see the respective effects on your business and cash flow into the future. This valuable insight will aid in developing the agendas necessary to carry out both short and long-term strategies in a proactive manner.

Statement Preparation and Analysis

Most business owners do not have the time to diligently analyze their financial statements and assess respective performance. Since Phoenix Group has experience thinking like a business owner you can rest assured that our team of seasoned experts and certified financial professionals will stay on top of your performance and provide you with the most pertinent information relating to profit optimization.

Operating System Customization

The ERP software that integrates all facets of your business is a vital component in streamlining your operations and centralizing your data. If you suspect that your current system does not facilitate your unique requirements Phoenix Group will provide a comprehensive evaluation to determine what software is ideal for your business. Our team will strategically customize and implement a system that not only optimizes your operational and financial performance but one that will maximize your return on investment.

Project Management

Managing a business is not an easy endeavour, and staying profitable and efficient in today’s dynamic business environment doesn’t come without some sacrifice. If you have projects that have been temporarily set aside, suspended, or overlooked for whatever the reason, Phoenix Group is here to help. Our diversified team of seasoned professionals and experts will manage your business’ projects, big or small, from definition to implementation and execution. Our commitment to your optimization ensures that every detail of a project’s scope be stringently analyzed to ensure efficiency at every step of the way. Furthermore, because all projects require an investment of your valuable time and resources Phoenix Group will assess the entire project metric portfolio to determine the overall ROI and supplementary measurable results.

Financing Alternatives

The capital required to finance your operations is an essential element in attaining perpetual growth and performance. Phoenix Group will help evaluate and obtain the type of financing that is ideal for your business. Whether this financing be provided through bank channels, private groups, venture capitalists, angle investors, government grants or small business offerings our team of financial professions will work with the respective groups to ensure this process be undertaken in a diligent and professional manner.

Exit Strategies

Phoenix Group recognizes that planning your exit strategy is just as important as planning your business strategy. Our team will provide a practical and sound plan to ensure a clean and profitable exit when the time is right.