Developed in the latest JAVA tools, X FORCE takes the user into a new world of instant data and full mobility within a completely integrated ERP environment. Independent operators within the industries we serve will be impressed with the ease-of-use, clean look, and the robust performance all of which allows the system to handle any size business, in any country, within multiple currency and landed cost environments.

Operate one company or multiple companies and allow X FORCE to provide and manage data in multiple formats easily and with an appearance which will feel comfortable to even the least sophisticated user.

See the X FORCE screen shots below and contact one of the Phoenix Group’s representatives for a compressive demonstration.

Wireless Solutions

In today’s environment your business operates both within the confines of a building and outside of those 4 walls. Owners and Employees need full system access in a secure environment no matter where they are. Our team will ensure you and your employees have full mobility to do their job as they walk the store floor, visit a customer’s site, work from home, or anywhere they find themselves.

Integrated Payment Solutions

In today’s business environment, your customers require multiple payment options. Our team will ensure these payment solutions are fully integrated into your system to ensure speedier processing at Point Of Sale, and accurate posting to proper accounts.


Your customers are no longer confined to those people walking through your doors. Today, consumers want to be able to purchase from anywhere they are. With our e-commerce solutions, our team will ensure consumers can purchase through your website with all control and maintenance residing within your ERP system.