Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

Phoenix Group believes that technology, if used correctly, can be a great asset in building and maintaining strong, profitable businesses. We also understand that these technological tools are only as effective as the people operating them and therefore emphasize the importance of proper training and implementation. With all this considered, in addition to 30 years of related experience, Phoenix Group has developed an industry leading approach to effectively using Enterprise Resource Planning software tools.

Phoenix Group’s propriety and third party ERP software platforms are the pinnacle of business integration and ensure all of your valuable information is organized in an intuitive and concise manner. Through this streamlined approach to data management, Phoenix Group’s enables owners and managers to make calculated and proactive business decisions along with strategic agendas. In addition to the centralization of information these ERP systems can be fitted with strict financial and operational controls customized to meet your short and long term business objectives.

Phoenix Group’s team of experienced programmers, technicians and support staff will ensure that the transition from your old system is conducted in a seamless and timely fashion. After your data is mapped and transferred our implementation specialists will work diligently with your management team and employees to ensure the full scope of systematic functionality and application is communicated in a practical manner. Furthermore, in the event you have any questions or concerns following the implementation process our team of technical support experts are readily available to provide comprehensive assistance.

ERP Software offered:xiforceepicor
Analytical Software

As a business owner and/or manager, the dream of having your most important financial and operations data at your disposal with minimal administrative work is now a reality. Phoenix Group has the ability to offer and implement a variety of analytical software platforms that take data organization and procurement to the next level. The algorithmic properties of these ERP tools allow users to create and save queries and dashboards that continually keep them informed with the information they want to see, when they want to see it. In today’s dynamic business environment knowledge is power and it is this analytical approach to data organization that provides any company with the competitive advantage of being optimally informed.

Analytical Software Offered

– Phoenix Group’s X-Ray Analytics
– Epicor’s Compass
– Epicor’s Inventory Planner

Software Customization:

X FORCE software is a very robust software system that allows users to manage the entire business process. What makes X FORCE unique is that we don’t expect your employees to conform to the system – rather, we implement around the way you conduct your operations thereby ensuring you are operating efficiently. And if the system doesn’t meet those expectations, our team of analysts will spec out and customize elements in the software to provide your operations with the proper tools.

Software Support

With over 30 years of experience in supporting customers that have migrated to our products, the Phoenix Group team possess the necessary skills to ensure customers are properly supported after their implementations.
In addition, Phoenix Group provides a migration path from old legacy systems, especially OMNI, where our team of professionals support customers on this platform in terms of both software and training support until they are comfortable moving to a new ERP product or extend the old legacy system in combination with the Phoenix Group’s X-Ray software.
The collective years of experience in the industries we serve, as well as the systems we have supported, allows Phoenix Group to ensure that customers are confident that, when challenges present themselves with either legacy systems or new ERP Products, the Phoenix Group team will be there for them.