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We are committed to building the industry leaders of tomorrow, today. With over 30 years of expertise spanning across construction, building supply, retail operations, wholesale distribution, kitchen and plumbing, and general contracting, we know what your business needs to succeed. Using innovative technology, we develop data-driven strategies that promote scalability, giving brick and mortar businesses the vital tools they need to transform and thrive in a digital age.

Our Story

30 years ago, many small and medium businesses were still using paper invoicing and recording systems. The handling of paper files at the enterprise level presented storage issues, security risks and was counterproductive. Searching for documents was highly time-consuming, accounting for up to 20% of an employee’s time. While seemingly trivial, that 20% of productivity could potentially add up to tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

While some companies had adopted ERP, most of them were limiting the use of the software for their day-to-day operations. Guy Moreau, a CA by profession, recognized an opportunity for companies to use their ERP data to streamline financial processes and maximize profitability. By optimizing financial processes through a combination of strategic business intelligence, maximizing ERP, electronic document workflow and consolidating payment procedures, Guy and the team helped companies increase operational performance so business owners could focus on growth and driving profits

With their combined financial background and expertise within the building supply industry, the team acted as on-call CFOs, mitigating financial risk and ensuring optimal liquidity, monetary flow, and reports met all regulatory criteria to get the green light from financial institutions. The process proved itself successful time and time again and laid the groundwork for Guy to found OMNI — A powerful ERP with supplementary business management services, including consulting, financial auditing, and technical support.

OMNI gained traction and soon became a household name within the industry. After its acquisition by Bell Media, the OMNI light dimmed along with the original vision of its founding members. Early adopters of OMNI felt a need for a more robust ERP. This push motivated Guy and his team, and like its namesake, Phoenix rose from the ashes, to fulfill that need, as a full-suite solution to elevate companies to higher levels.

We are a Canadian company with a professional network across the globe. We focus on maximizing the capabilities of your ERP through the Phoenix Ecosystem. From Phoenix Spectra, our robust digital toolset, to VCFO and Phoenix Agentia marketing experts, we lay the groundwork for traditional brick and mortar retail models to seamlessly transition into the eCommerce space.

Global Strategic Partners

The world of digital transformation has become increasingly complex and diverse, necessitating advanced specialization to boost scalability while maintaining a competitive edge in your industry. Phoenix is a proud partner in a global strategic alliance that allows organizations to grow their presence and increase their market share, providing vast beneficial solutions and services to their customers.

Trusted Partners

Each of our partners have undergone a thorough vetting process that aligns with the mission and vision of the Phoenix Ecosystem. Our robust network carves an innovative and mutual path to support evolving demands of the digital world while staying one step ahead of the competition.

Full Service

From IT, hardware installation and software solutions to cloud computing, cybersecurity and digital marketing, our strategic partners are backed by decades of expertise and a track record of success. Our partnerships operate on high-octane and are ready to propel your business — exclusively through the Phoenix Ecosystem.

Trusted by over 7,000 software application developers, as well as the Phoenix team, Basis provides high-quality, innovative software tools to help scale your business through reliable and cost-effective business applications. BASIS is a global software solutions provider known for “Desktop Apps,” introduced in BBj® 19.20, and is the BASIS replacement for Java Web Start (JWS). BASIS software products serve as the foundation for thousands of mission-critical systems with over 1.7 million end-users across industries ranging from construction and building to manufacturing to healthcare.

Phoenix makes your privacy and security our priority. We have teamed up with Think-On, a global leader in infrastructure-as-a-service and cloud security. While their market share is vast, Think-On thrives in small-business environments, not compromising product or service quality. In addition to working with Phoenix, Think-On is trusted by over 150 global partners such as Microsoft, Symantec, and Veeam. They pride themselves on offering experiences that deliver exactly what your company needs, including:

Phoenix provides Epicor consulting, training, implementation, and VCFO Services to Canada and US customers. Our experience spans Epicor’s advanced capabilities, such as streamlined workflows and accurate reporting and forecasting, improving decision making and providing early warning of potential challenges and opportunities.

We want to ensure your organization has all its IT needs from the outset, which is why we’ve partnered with Foresight IT. Foresight provides extensive desktop IT solutions for our Canadian and US clients, simplifying IT security and support for every function of your organization. Their dedicated team handles business hardware solutions from troubleshooting and support to hardware and software upgrades to ensure that your company has the tools to succeed. Foresight for IT will analyze your company's goals and needs, upgrading and installing hardware on an as-needed basis, to make day-to-day IT operations run as smoothly as possible.

Arnold Street Media plays an integral role in the Phoenix Ecosystem, and provides a powerhouse of digital marketing services through Agentia. Arnold Street Media, Inc. is an award-winning digital marketing agency specializing in establishing your brand’s identity. Their team builds and strengthens brands with a proven track record of success crafting robust digital solutions rooted in social media marketing, digital advertising, SEO, and content marketing. Using omnichannel phased strategies, they implement everything from building visual brand identities to Google ads and influencer marketing campaigns, allowing you to reach new audiences and stay connected with your existing, loyal customers.

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