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The Phoenix ecosystem is a complete suite of integrated digital tools and the experts behind them. We are a team of CPAs, highly skilled business strategists, digital and mobile marketers, and stakeholders just like you. But above all, we’re industry leading partners that help build trust through our ecosystem and value for your future.

The Backbone of the Phoenix Ecosystem

Backed by over 30 years of expertise and a track record for success, we have witnessed the growth of an ever evolving industry. Along with our roster of CPAs and digital marketing executives, we understand the importance of adaptability and how to transform brick and mortar businesses into successful players in the eCommerce space.

With our robust suite of proprietary ERP and digital toolset with API integrations, we work together to build a foundation for retailers and wholesale distributors to maximize profit margins in the digital landscape.

Who We Serve

Building Suppliers

Combine project scheduling, financial management, customer profiles and supply chain and inventory in a single suite.


Integrate your interactive visualization experiences to engage your clients while managing renovation or new construction projects from inception to execution.


From procurement and production through distribution, delivery, and back end financial services.

Garden Centres

From nursery and growing production to inventory management and landscape project management, accelerate landscaping business with ease.


In-depth insight into your business to safely manage build projects and your entire operations from one place.

Hardware & Specialty Retail

Perfect for small to medium business, manage and track all retail operations, including inventory and sales.

Kitchen & Plumbing

Integrate designs, sync inventory orders, create custom pricing, track transactions, and manage sales and installations, on-site or remotely.

Valued Customers

For nearly three decades, we’ve formed long-lasting partnerships with building suppliers, garden centres, kitchen & plumbing, and wood & timber companies of all sizes, setting the foundation for growth within the industry

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