API Integrated product innovation


Phoenix Spectra is an arsenal of innovative digital tools and white labelled software that allows for maximum connectivity to ensure your building supply company runs like a well-oiled digital machine.


Phoenix 360​

Phoenix 360 is a proprietary whitelabel resale software with robust inventory and project management capabilities. Designed with your customers in mind, it allows you to access projects and easily manage orders.

3D Imaging for AR Experience

Virtual Retail Experience

3D software platform to take your store online, virtually.


eCommerce Solutions​

Transform traditional wholesale, retail, and brick and mortar distribution operations through eCommerce websites that combine the feel of a retail showroom with a seamless online shopping experience.

Spectra As Part of the Phoenix Ecosystem​

As part of the Phoenix Ecosystem, Spectra offers a robust digital toolset with fully integrated capabilities. Our on-demand experts will work with you to assess your needs, and implement the right tools and strategy to promote a seamless digital transformation.

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